Automatic balancing machine with monitor

A balancing machine with ample monitor and intuitive graphical display which, combined to its large ergonomic weight tray, conveys prestige to the tire shop and transmits a sense of efficiency and professionalism to end users.

Ergonomic design

The ErgoFast range of balancing machines has been developed to offer the operator the best possible working conditions. Every tool in a handy position, total access to internal part of rim, all accessories within reach and touch panel are only but a few of the advantages developed for our end users.

Detection of wheel data

The automatic gauge enables detection of distance and diameter (up to 28″ rims) with relative activation of desired balancing program (clip-on or stick-on weights). No error due to manual inputs possible. The machine enables the operator to work according to his preferences. The correct application of counterweights can be selected in different modes: with the accuracy of position repeater, with the speed of laser beam or the conventional 12 o’clock position.

Automatic Approach

Once the measuring launch is completed, thanks to the Automatic Approach system, the wheel automatically stops around 15° from the exact point of application of the counterweight, allowing the operator to position it correctly with a little movement.

Adhesive counter-weights positioning with laser beam

Wheel locked in position for weight applications through electric brake and laser beam indicating position guarantee an easy and extremely quick balancing operation.

Two gas springs which produce a force of 250 kg guarantee a quick and constant wheel locking. 

LA Sonar

The LA sonar for width measurement enables an immediate entry of all necessary wheel data


Max. Absorbed Power - 0.15 KW

Balancing Speed - 100 RPM

Measuring Cycle for 15kg Wheel - 4.7 Seconds

Measurement accuracy +- 0.5g

Resoloution - 5g

Average Noise - < 70 dB (A)

Rim Width Setting - 1.5" - 20"  40 - 510mm

Rim Diameter Setting Range - 10" - 30"   265 - 765mm

Min/Max Compressed Air Presssure  7 - 10Bar   105 - 145 PSI

Max Wheel Weight - 75 Kg

Machine Weight - 120 Kg  




ER65 (Dimensions)


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