• M928 PH 28
  • M928 CONSOLE

M928 Royal


Universal Super-automatic tyre changer for rims up to 28"

Made in Italy. - WDK 20-001 approved

Suitable for all car wheels including the latest low profile and run flat tyres.

Axial mouting turntable : allows quick, secure wheel clmaping and bead breaking on both side of the rim with no need to turn the wheel over.

Multiporpose console: Compresive for all of the controls for easier dynamic bead breaking.

New controlled penetration system gives effective bead breaking on the most dificult wheels

Leverless technology incorporated in to the tool head.

Ergonomic wheel lift supplied as standard allows easy positioning of all wheels on the turntable.

Machine working height designed for perfect ergonomics with all kinds of wheels




Rim diameter: 12”to 28”
Max self-centering torque: 1200 Nm
Self-centering ratation speed: 6-15 r.p.m.
Maximum wheel diameter: 1080 mm. (43”)
Maximum wheel width: 15"
Working pressure: 10 BAR
Bead Breaking Stroke: 540mm
Noise level when running ≤ 70 dB (A)
Supply voltage 1 Ph - 200/230V
Maximum wheel weight 85 kg
Machine weight (with wheel lift) 400kg


Length : 1235 mm to 1785 mm max

Width: 928 mm to 2018 mm max

Height: 1810 mm to 2185 mm max



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