• M1028 ERGO
  • M1028 Wheel Lifter
  • M1028 Bead Breaker Disc
  • M1028 Centre Clamp
  • M1028 LL HEAD 1
  • M1028 LL Head
  • M1028 Top & Bottom Discs
  • M1028 Third Arm



Leverless & Contactless Technologies 

Innovative super automatic tyre changer for all wheels from 13" to 28" 

M1028 is a new automatic tyre changer featuring the "Without Lever" technology for car, SUV and commercial vehicle wheels up to 28"

Tyre mounting and demounting tools based on the operation technology of the M1032,whereby the rim is never touched and stress on the tyre bead  is reduced.

Tool with manual rotation to speed up work operations. 

Technical Features:

Wheel lifter for uplifting and moving the wheel from the ground to working position and vice versa, the bead breaking performed with two specular bead breaking discs with controlled penetration control, automatic wheel clamping with effective, fast and simple pneumatic system. 

Multifunctional control panel providing high comfort and convenience of use, combined with effective performance. 

All this allows for higher operational speed with no risk at all for the operator damaging rims and tyres - even when performing the hardest tasks. 

Increased ease of use and greater flexibility with all types of wheels are among the key benefits of the system, this is why the equipment can be effectively used to the maximum of its working potential.



Made in Italy 

Rim Diameter: 13" to 28" 
Bead Breaking Power (Blade): 7,600 NM
Maximum Bead Breaking Range: 670mm
Bead Breaker Stroke: 540mm
Maximum Tyre Diameter: 1200mm / 47"
Maximum Tyre Width: 15" (From the wheel bearing plane) 
Motor: 2 Speed 
Wheel Loading: Automatic
Working Pressure: 8 Bar - Mimimum
Weight 425kg 



M1028 (Dimensions)


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