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Innovative super-automatic tyre-changer hydraulically driven for rims up to 32”

The M 1032 tyre changer is able to safely handle any types of wheels for cars and light transport vehicles from 13” to 32”, without ever getting in contact with the rim.

The ever-increasing use of alloy, chrome-plated, and painted rims requires the rims NEVER be touched, not even with plastic protectors.

The rim diameter pre-selection, together with the relevant automatic positioning of the wheel respect to the revolver tool and the coordinated movement between the wheel axle and the revolver tool ensure great ease of operation and excellent precision.

In the DIAMOND A version, the demounting operation is automatic, which means the operator only needs to supervise the process, without being directly involved.

The automatic bead breaking and tyre demounting operations are based on an efficient program that’s ideal for any type of wheel.

The M1032 is available in different specifications depending on the customers requirement, check out the download section of this product for all the information.


Made in Italy

Rim diameter: 13”to 32”
Max self-centering torque: 1200 Nm
Self-centering ratation speed: 7-18 r.p.m.
Maximum tyre diameter: 1200 mm. (47”)
Upper and lower bead breaking force: 900 kg
Working pressure (hydraulic): 120 BAR
Noise level when running ≤ 70 dB (A)
Motor (“IP” System) 0.75 kW - 50/60 Hz
Hydraulic power unit motor 0.75 kW - 50/60 Hz
Supply voltage 1 Ph - 200/230 V
Maximum wheel weight 85 kg (P.L.) - 80 kg (S.L.)
Machine weight (with wheel lift) 550 kg (P.L.) - 500 kg (S.L.)


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